What an Oxford-Style debate is?

An Oxford debate revolves around the thesis that is defended by the Proposition and the goal of this site is to convince the audience that the thesis is valid. On the other side, the task of the Opposition is to disprove and overthrow the Proposition. Interesting fact is, the participants of the debate don’t know which site they will stand for – they will find out just before the beginning of the event. A person who is responsible for conducting the discussion and monitoring the rules is the Marshal. Debate Secretary supports the Marshal and makes sure that timings and order of speeches and appropriate. All of the participants should share values of respect and tolerance. It is unacceptable to offend the Speakers of the opposite party. Culmination point of the debate is the moment of voting. The team which will convince the audience and the Board of Judges and also use better arguments, wins.

We would like to proudly announce that our debate will  be led by Mariola Czechowska – Frączak who will hold role of the Marshal.

In our contest of arguments, two teams of Speakers will compete under leadership of:

  • Piotr Czarnecki – President of RAIFFEISEN POLBANK POLSKA
  • Aleksandra Gren – General Director of FISERV POLSKA

Mariola Czechowska – Frączak

Mariola is the Managing Partner at Mind Partners. She specializes in creating and implementing organizational changes through design thinking, philosophy, creative psychology, coaching and mentoring.

She works with the TOP Managers of Castorama, Irena Eris, Johnson&Johnson, Grupa Pracuj, GSK, HP, Leroy Merlin, Microsoft, Maersk, Oracle, Orange, Polkomtel, Saint Gobain, Raiffeisen Polbank, Sanofi-Aventis, Siemens, …

She represents in Poland Profesor David Clutterbuck – an eminent, worldwide  HR strategist. Now she will continue her development at the Oxford University and Haute Ecole de Commerce:  International Program for Executives providing a theoretically and practically grounded approach to framing change in organisations, dealing with the challenges it poses for individuals, groups and organisations.

She occupied TOP Managerial positions at Berthelsman Music Group, Young&Rubicam.

Piotr Czarnecki

Piotr Czarnecki (55) graduated from Warsaw University of Technology with a degree in Organization and Management. In 1994, he completed his postgraduate studies at Harvard University with the Investment Appraisal and Management degree, and in 2006, the Columbia Senior Executive Program at Columbia University. In the years 1990-2002 he held managerial positions in the Polish Development Bank, Kredyt Bank, Rabobank, Telekomunikacja Polska and performed role of the President of the Management Board of Getin SP S.A., which he successfully introduced to the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since 2003 he manages Raiffeisen Bank Polska as a President and CEO, and from the beginning of 2013. combined Raiffeisen Polbank. Performs a Chairman function of the Board of the Association of Polish Banks.

He is a musician (flutist) and chorister with over 45 years of experience. He sang in many Warsaw choirs and chamber ensembles, recently in the male vocal ensemble called Des Singers.

Aleksandra Gren

Managing Director for Fiserv Poland, part of the leading global financial technology company Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV). She has nearly 20 years of experience in the financial technology sector in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Aleksandra started her career at the Royal Bank of Canada in Vancouver, in Canada 1995. She then worked internationally as a business analyst and a client partner for US technology companies, prior to her current role. Aleksandra holds a B.A. in International Affairs from University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada and an MSc degree from London School of Economics in London, UK. She is an advocate of women’s leadership, women in tech and corporate social responsibility initiatives. She is a Trustee of the Board of Vital Voices Europe in London, UK, part of Washington DC – based Vital Voices Global Partnership NGO investing in women leadership around the world. In 2015, Aleks was selected to participate in the Fortune Magazine Global Mentoring Program organized jointly with the US State Department. In September 2015, Aleks was nominated as the Ambassador of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of the “Parity in Business” Initiative in Poland. In September 2016, Aleks was shortlisted in the Top 10 for the “Woman in Technology” Award by the Banking Technology Awards in London. In March 2017, named in the Top 20 FinTech Women Experts in Poland. Advisor to business leaders, mentor to technology start- ups, wife and a mother of 4 children.