Project of the Year 2017

Project Management Institute Poland Chapter is once again organizing the annual Project of the Year Competition. The purpose of the competition is to promote the best project management practices used by companies, organizations, project teams.

The Contest is an opportunity to compete in two categories:

  • a traditionally managed project (including hybrids – a combination of traditional and agile management),
  • an agile project.

You do not have to be a PMI member to participate in the competition. Even, you do not have to be a Project Manager or follow the PMBOK – however, you need to have a great project managed in line with the world’s best practices and trends – that is worth the praise of the whole world!

Honorary patronage of previour year edition

PMI Talent Triangle

Applications for the best projects in the assessment process are analyzed by recognized experts – active project management practitioners – and the evaluation model itself is based on the internationally acclaimed PMI Talent Triangle. According to the PMI Talent Triangle, experts pay attention to aspects such as the craftsmanship with which the project was managed with an emphasis on leadership, business and strategic aspects. Project Manager and project should demonstrate:

  • Excellent management and technical expertise
  • Exemplary leadership skills
  • Knowledge of strategic and business management

The result of the assessment process is a detailed report that can provide the basis for implementing a number of beneficial improvements in the applicants’ organization.

Finalists of last editions

Project of the Year 2016

The winner in the category of traditional projects – TELDAT Sp. z o.o.

Project of the Year 2015

The winner in the category of traditional projects – ABB Sp. z o.o.
The winner in the category of agile projects – Senfino Sp. z o.o.


Contest procedure and schedule (more info in Contest Rules)

  • Deadline for application submission 30.09.2017 (documents + payment)
  • Stage I – from 01.10.2017 to 31.10.2017
  • Stage II –from 01.11.2017to 10.11.2017
  • Stage III and contest final date – od 11.11.2017


Tomasz Boiński,
Project of the Year Project Manager, PMI Poland Chapter

Tel.: +48 664 491 128

Why your company/organization should participate?

  1. The Contest will give a good publicity to your achievements.
  2. You company/organization will be recognized as the one with good project management standards.
  3. Your company/organization and project team will gain prestige.
  4. You will join the best with the exemplary project culture acclaimed by PMI PC.
  5. You will be honored during the 12th International PMI Poland Chapter Congress – you will celebrate the project closure in one of a kind way.
  6. You will gain the audit report of the submitted project on paper, prepared by qualified and experienced experts. Plus, You will get a promotion plan for 2018 in PMI PC related media.
  7. You will motivate your project team to identify fields that need improvement, and to verify their own accomplishments.
  8. You will have a unique opportunity to thank your project team for the great effort they put in their job.
  9. You will contribute to the promotion of knowledge about rules and benefits of proper project management in your company/organization.
  10. Two persons from your company/organization will be invited, at no charge, to the 12th International PMI Poland Chapter