16th Congress Thematics TRACKS

During four days of the Congress you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge from several thematic tracks.

  • PMI 4.0 strategy

    PMI 4.0 is a development strategy that aims to meet the needs of PMs defined as "change makers". Change makers are individuals who proactively bring about change and transformation in companies, people and society. Project professionals are change makers - they have always led change and turned ideas into reality.

  • Social Network Analysis

    Projects are inherently complex, as is managing them, and this complexity requires collaboration between the different project actors. The presence of such cooperation leads to the development of a network of dependencies. Understanding the nature of these network structures can reveal critical insights into the successful completion of a project. How can social network analysis (SNA) methods be used to study the structural features of design networks? How do such networks evolve throughout the project? What value can this bring for stakeholder analysis or team development? In today’s world of networked societies, leaders need to think with a coherent approach to the interconnectedness of the ecosystem they are part of.

  • Disciplined Agile

    Disciplined Agile is a process decision-making framework that puts people first and offers only light guidance to help teams optimise their processes according to the unique needs of each specific project. As an agile framework where people come first, DA is in some ways similar to the Crystal method.

  • Industry 4.0

    The technological world is constantly evolving and Industry 4.0 is a combination of hardware, software and communication. Machines are becoming smarter and by communicating with each other along with the use of data they will have the ability to create their 'social networks'.

  • Today’s ECO World

    A digital ecosystem is a complex network of stakeholders who network and interact digitally in ways that create value for all. Each digital ecosystem spans multiple industries. Companies that view their customers, competitors and business partners through the lens of a single industry are much less able to recognize the new types of customers, competitors and business partners with whom they will need to interact as their industry becomes increasingly digitized. Nevertheless, an important aspect of ECO is also the impact of digitalization and marketing, which by their actions affect the real support in the fight for the environment.