Mental toughness IN BUSINESS

ONLINE WORKSHOP from 1 pm till 5 pm


Do you know what the term mentally resilient or mentally vulnerable means?
How does mental resilience affect your life?
Can it be built or developed?

Recent research proves that mental resilience is a personality trait. This is a groundbreaking discovery, especially since studies show that people with higher mental resilience perform up to 25% more efficiently.
Mental toughness is responsible for your attitude towards life, ease in building relationships, openness to challenges or persistence in achieving a goal. We are born with a certain level of mental toughness, and then through everything we encounter in life, as well as through the work we put into our development, our level of mental toughness increases or decreases.

  • The questions you will find answers to during the workshop are:
    What is hidden under the mysterious term mental resilience?
  • How does mental resilience relate to approaches to challenges, goal setting and pursuit, interpersonal relationships? 
  • Should mental resilience be built at all costs?
  • What would the world look like without mentally vulnerable people?
  • Are there exercises and tools to strengthen mental resilience?

Benefits of attending the workshop:
> learn the 4C model of Mental Resilience (Control, Commitment, Confidence, Challenge)

> understand how the level of mental resilience affects effectiveness and success

> learn techniques and tools to support the development of mental resilience

> understand the relationship between mental resilience and relationship building

> learn the habits of mentally resilient people

> leave with your personal toolbox for strengthening mental resilience

Additional Information:
Training provided by a licensed MTQ Mental Toughness consultant.

An introductory training on mental toughness without a mental toughness test. (If you are interested in a mental toughness test email us at least 2 days prior to the meeting. There is an additional fee for the test)


Workshop host

Katarzyna Wieckowska foto

Katarzyna Więckowska

Katarzyna is a creator of the Fragile-Strong brand, mental trainer, mentor and coach for women, certified mental resilience consultant. She helps women to accept and integrate their strengths and inner fragility. She encourages them to combine mental strength and vulnerability leading to complete joy and balance.
She has 15 years of experience in managing projects and teams in financial departments gained at home and abroad in various economic sectors (automotive, media and communication, banking, manufacturing). Action Learning coach, Management 3.0 facilitator, business and personal development coach, certified trainer and business practitioner.

TICKET PRICE - 129 PLN for both workshops