Dzień trzeci (29.11.2017) w całości zostanie przeznaczony na specjalistyczne warsztaty, które są świetną okazją dla wszystkich, którzy chcą się doszkolić, poznać nowe zagadnienia i nabyć praktyczne umiejętności w zarządzaniu projektami.

Poprowadzą je nasi prelegenci –  specjaliści, którzy podzielą się z Wami swoją unikalną wiedzą i doświadczeniami.


  • 8:30 – Rejestracja + kawa
  • 9:00 – Rozpoczęcie  warsztatów
  • 17:00 – Zakończenie warsztatów

W celu uzyskania dalszej pomocy, prosimy o kontakt z nami na pod adresem participants@pmi.org.pl
Za udział w warsztatach Kimberly otrzymasz 7 punktów PDU
Za udział w warsztatach Petera otrzymasz 6 punktów PDU


Szanowni goście, aby spełnić Wasze najwyższe oczekiwania, postanowiliśmy, że warsztaty odbędą się w Golden Floor, przy ulicy al. Jerozolimskie 123A, Warszawa

Uwaga: Proszę zwrócić uwagę, że Warsztaty odbędą się w innej lokalizacji niż Kongres.


“The Possibilities Toolbox – 12 Keys to an Unstoppable Team”

Intelligence, education, and experience don’t guarantee results. Gallup estimates that about 70% of employees are not engaged in their work. About 90% of managers aren’t focusing on their organization’s most important work, and over 80% of global teams judge themselves as “unsuccessful”. Obviously there’s a giant chasm between knowing how to do something and doing it. Better technology and smarter people won’t bridge this gap. The biggest challenges we face in working effectively, and working together, are attributable to our human nature.

Kimberly says” All of my professional life I’ve been striving to master these human skills, sometimes disparagingly referred to as ‘touchy-feely’. Finally I’ve created a ‘mindset toolkit’ that makes these concepts succinct, accessible, and learnable.”

These 12 tools have the power to transform ourselves, our teams, and the results we achieve together. Let’s apply these tools – and ourselves – to the greatest challenge of our time, solving the problems of Our World. Never one to lecture, Kimberly facilitates lively and engaging “learning laboratories”. You will leave this workshop equipped with practical techniques that you can immediately apply to achieve significantly better results.

Kimberly Wiefling helps organizations achieve what SEEMS impossible, but is merely difficult. How? Kimberly will tell you the secret.


“Virtual Power Teams”

The workshop outlines the differences between Virtual & Local Teams and highlights the 10 key success factors for leading virtual teams i.e. the 10 Big Rocks. It shows how to reveal and reap leverage on Individual strengths, how to set Team Vision and Goals, establish structured communications and ensure a Winning spirit. Through a series of Coaching exercises, virtual project simulation and facilitated group reflection, the Team is supported, aligned, united and enabled to unleash its power to reach outstanding business results.


  • Leadership Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Any virtually operating team – business, education, NGO


  • Discover the Individual Strengths of each Team member
  • Set aspirational Team Vision
  • Define Annual Team Goals and Individual Ownership
  • Establish a robust Communication structure and Engagement rules
  • Set aspirational Prize
  • Virtual Project Simulation – crystallizes the issues and enablers in virtual environment, raises awareness and suggest approaches to how tackle and leverage them