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AI & Project Management

The subject of artificial intelligence has grown in popularity in recent years, in many industries it has become part of conscious project management. This is because it affects both the effectiveness of projects, as well as their promptness and return on investment. In this theme you will find out how to use the available AI tools and how to improve projects work using them.

Post Agile

The Agile Manifesto was published in 2001, and since then the world of project management has come a long way to respond faster to feedback or to deliver products incrementally. Today we can say that Agile is already a standard, but does Agile solve all our problems? What are the next challenges facing us in such a rapidly changing world? Maybe some agile practices are no longer actual? Or maybe in creating new frameworks, practices or processes, we create the next stage in the field of project management.

Data Driven Management

Modern systems and applications allow us to access countless data on the basis of which we can make further decisions regarding the development of our products or services. However, how to effectively use this source? How to analyze data and make decisions based on it? What possibilities does this approach to project management give us? As part of this theme, we encourage participants to share your experience and knowledge in the field of Data Driven Development, Evidence Based Management or other empirical methods used in project management.

Virtualization of Work

Remote collaboration is a topic that is close to each of us. For some time this form has become more and more popular, but this year it is not only fashionable, but also necessary due to the situation. If you want to learn how to organize your work in the virtual world or how to improve communication in such conditions, you will find out all this at this year’s PMI Congress.