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Jakub Petrykowski

Jestem managerem IT, trenerem i coachem o szerokim doświadczeniu technicznym. Przez ostatnie 15 lat pracowałem w różnych rolach w firmach IT w Polsce i za granicą, m.in. jako product manager w Google w Zurychu, analityk biznesowy, specjalista UX, programista, HR-owiec i trener w software house’ach. Obecnie pracuję jako coach zespołu i Delivery Manager w software house DO OK. Prowadzę też coaching i autorskie szkolenia, którymi pomagam uczestnikom rozwijać kompetencje komunikacji, teorii umysłu, pracy z klientami i budowy pozytywnych relacji.


W wolnym czasie lubię tenisa i gry strategiczne, długie spacery po lesie, a także dobre seriale o społeczeństwe.

Zapraszam do kontaktu na LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakubpetrykowski/

O prelekcji:

Who you know is what you know: How skill comes from connections

Employees expect opportunities to learn. New skills increase their market value and give them a sense of career progression. Money is no longer enough. Senior specialists often cite “I had nobody to learn from” as the main reason for quitting. 

So how is it that many employees have such a narrow skillset even 5 or 10 years into their careers? Why are there so few people with a strong understanding of the larger scale of business? Are we doing enough as employers or managers?

I’ll show some reasons why people stay junior for much longer than they realize, and how it can be deadly for complex projects.


We’ll look at tools you can use to ensure your people grow in a work environment that is increasingly distributed and chaotic. We’ll cover the value of generalists (AKA “glue”); how to coach your team to understand other people’s minds better; the importance of switching roles to understand the value chain more completely; and an approach to building relationships and team structure which helps to deliver projects with less risk.